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ADD and ADHD (hyperactivity) = fidget and ‘dreaming children/adults’

For a cure the Edu-Kinestetic method in combination with mental healing is recommendable.

The Edu-Kinestetic is a wonderful way to help people, especially children, who are "trapped in themselves" and almost "disconnected" from their surroundings. Many of those so-called "fidgets” or ‘dreaming children/adults" entered the world literature.

They either can not cope with the incoming fast paced information flood of our civilization or they have completely different fields of interests and skills that are not or not yet needed in today's world.

Teachers claim certain skills (that are often required by the industry) from those children, which the children can not offer. The teachers as executors of a teaching curriculum shaped by the ministries of education complain to the parents that their children do not fulfil these requests and did not achieve the expected goals. Through this information the parents act emotionally affected and often enough transfer their own internal pressure to their children. A vicious cycle begins.

The resulting pressure feelings are differently worked off by the individual child. Some react with aggression or hyperactivity, others choose a combination of both while other children react with a withdrawn quietness and daydreaming. Some apparently are unfazed by the outer criticism, still ‘doing their thing’, or internally turn off completely. The bad thing is that no matter how these children react, you can hardly find any access to their interior to really help them out of their distress.

To be fair, it has to be mentioned that educators are not the inventors of curricula and that actually the various ministries in compliance with the industry create the required educational programs.

All ADD/ADHD patients have deficits in terms of externally demanded attention, obedience, their personal perception and the required still sitting still for an extended period. They are constantly in conflict with their own, internal vested interests. These stakeholders would like to do things that they like to do, only following their own inner creativity.

Everything else from outside gives them less pleasure and is categorically rejected by most. Since the civilization unfortunately demands things that cause little or no fun, these people generate stress with their powerful rejection in the environment and in them because they are frequently urged by authorities. Through this vicious circle they often lose contact to their own inner self and are considered as "disabled" by others.

Inevitably these children live in their own individual world, apparently disturbing or annoying, but at least worrying their surrounding.

Therapeutically striking is that so many ADD/ADHD children are in other fields, e.g. abstract thinking, very creative and often unusually gifted with an exceptionally high IQ. This form of intelligence or special talent is often barely used by the affected children who are disturbed in their concentration due their internal state of being ‘switched off’. In addition, their gifts are not highly respected in the ‘outside’ world and what there is required they can not offer so easily and thus appear to be mentally stupid. That is a huge emotional extra burden on a highly intelligent or special talented person. The insulation is getting stronger while the parents come through the increasing pressure more and more in despair. Then these children are presented to physicians who rely only on questionable drugs, such as Ritalin and Medikinin, to keep the striking fidgets quiet. Unfortunately only few therapists think about the present increase of patients with this disease. I believe we live in a mental transition period where we need the high or special talents of these patients to overcome old thinking patterns. As this is an energetic process that still only few adults understand, the affected people do not fit the overcome grids and suffer from traditional treatments that interfere with the brain and body metabolism.

Often ADD/ADHD patients suffer additionally from severe metabolic disorders stemming sometimes of previous vaccinations that weakened the immune system. An immune system weakening can also be obtained from other confounding factors, such as food intolerance, allergies, mental disorders etc. So these people need help as well on the metabolic as on the mental levels to solve the problems profoundly.

The lung, the liver with the kidneys, the colon, the lymph and the skin have here to be considered. Mentally superior fields, such as the soul, have to be researched as well. These areas need to be treated and stabilized with appropriate naturopathic remedies and mental methods like the “Brain Gym” method or the very effective mental work with the human aura.

Note on Brain Gym method

In my practice I gained a wonderful experience with the EDU-Kinestetic "Brain Gym" method, often giving exasperated parents and their children new hope. It is important that people affected by ADD and ADHD need to be respected by their environment as complete persons with skills that are worthy to be perceived. Furthermore they have to find back to their own internal power source to become confident, alert and healthy free people.

As calmness returns into the lives of these affected persons it eases the whole situation. The children begin to learn with more concentration obtaining better results. Parents can relinquish their children better as the surroundings are more relaxed due to improved results. The children learn the benefits of a living creative intelligence and develop inner self-love and joy. They can become more involved in life with their special talents, creating awareness at all levels with a conduct of life that fits nature a lot better.