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The Angelic Lotus Model ©

"Self-awareness through introspection"

18 months basic training as a healer and energetic-mental life consultant. (15 intensive days of training)

The healer-life coach training includes theoretical and practical training in relation to the perception of energy flows, energy distribution and its steering. The Angelic Lotus model provides intensive training for aura vision and the conscious development of divination in general. This is a very profound, personal development process that prepares the future healer intensively on his later work.

The training to become "energy healer and life coach" teaches the mental perception regarding energetic and physical blockages and imparts a variety of mental methods for their solutions. It also includes the acquisition of various massage techniques and the application of the energetic and physical approaches in ourselves and others. The training ends with a thesis on the subject and a final examination. Having passed the written thesis and the exam, the participant receives a diploma which entitles him/her to the responsible exercise of the profession as "mental energy healer and life coach" in relation to the teaching content of the base module. He/She then has the opportunity to pursue that profession independently or in an employment relationship. This diploma entitles him/her not to train other people for the Angelic Lotus Model.

Date and fee on request