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The Angelic Lotus Model ©

Short Introduction into the Lotus Model:

The Angelic Lotus Model acts as an entrance forwarding incoming divine creational and controlling energies from higher levels of the human being that are channelled through the heart lotus into the human aura.

These creational energies are divided into 24 sense and materialization energies plus Yin and Yang. To support growth, angels provide their forces. The energies’ rotation directions follow the natural laws of light (Yang) and the form (Yin).

Over the respective proportion of the lotus, these vitality energies are vertically and horizontally distributed into the entire Lotus Model, the aura and the human vitality field and then for evaluation transferred to the brain.
The Lotus Model promotes the intake and steering of energy within the aura. It is instrumental in integrating the sense of energy, the overall structure of the human aura with respect to its expressive power, the amount of chakras and their pervasion levels, the frequencies. Thus the model supports the full development of the human personality within time and space - and beyond.

The aim of this type of energy work is to increase our own heart’s power in correspondence to the existing potential of the higher levels and finally to be a free man!

This can be done among others with an open heart, a loving attitude to us and to others, by breathing optimally or removing mental blockages within the aura and other mental-energical practices (taught in the basic healer course). With an open heart, each flower can then open up optimally at all levels, freeing the total growth information, developing a powerful aura so that the initial incarnation sense can prevail again and materialize perfectly. You start loving yourself and other creatures again and find new joy in life.

Further information can be found in the basic healer and life coach training course "The Angelic Lotus Model © Self-awareness through Introspection".