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Animal Welfare & Nutrition Counselling

I support and guide farmers in major issues concerning animal husbandry and nutrition.

Since pets do not live in the wild, now living in a sort of captivity, they can accord their needs optimally to the food. But as an animal healer I often find these man entrusted creatures in a catastrophic housing and feeding state.

Poor housing, draughty, dark stables, single position or - husbandry without conspecifics, poor saddles, scruffy hooves or claws of hoofed animals, poor ball or claw care for dogs, over- or under weight, diabetes mellitus, multiple organ damage, bone and tooth diseases, poor fur and horn-state due to incorrect feeding, mineral, amino acids and trace element deficiencies are not unheard of in our domestic animals and livestock.

This usually has to do with the holder’s ignorance about his animal’s real needs of or the lack of feed quality. Since a holder can not know everything about the feed quality and the actual needs of the animal, he relies on the industrial feeding recommendations of the producer. Only when the animal becomes sick, the own mistakes in feeding, husbandry or even the poor quality of many products come to light.

I want to encourage the holder to correct his husbandry mistakes and to realize deficiencies of the feed and then switch to a kind of feed where the ingredients are natural and especially optimized for the animal species. Furthermore, it is absolutely important that the different species are kept and fed in accordance with their respective needs. Initially this natural feedstuff may be more costly but in the end it saves the money for a vet and for expensive medicine, because the animals live happier and healthier. This topic is very diverse and I encourage everyone who reads this page to seek advice in my healing practice.

Since the food theme (attuned to man’s symptoms) is also relevant for humans, I refer to the nutrition education for humans in my healing practice.