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Brain - Gym

With the Brain Gym method the ill or blocked energetic person learns by means of kinesiological finger positions to free disturbed energy pathways in his biological body and to optimize the flow of life force. This method has proved successful in my practice, especially with children who have problems in learning.

By this easy-to-learn method the brain is optimally interconnected. Through daily repetition of the Brain Gym cure learning materials can be integrated and understood sustainably. Children and young people who came to me with reading/spelling problems or dyscalculia improved their quality of life tremendously by learning this method. The external pressure ceased with noticeably improved school grades and the joy of life came back to the children, their parents and the teachers.

Of course adults can apply this type of healing to solve problems and integrate learning processes.

These techniques can be taught on request. Please feel free to contact me.

There are many books on kinesiology and Brain Gym available world-wide.

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