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Energy work

IGL - Institute for Holistic Conduct of Life ©

Among others you can be educated in The Institute for Holistic Conduct of Life as a healer and energetic-mental life consultant.

The basic training is recognized with a thesis, an examination and issue of a certificate. The diploma entitles you to work as a self-employed or employee health professional (mental-energy healer and life coach).

Furthermore the whole year over further trainings and seminars on healing, holistic lifestyle and mental growth take place. Here you will learn methods for preventive health maintenance and disease management.

Introduction to Energy Work

Every living thing is composed of various body systems and a superior energy control system known as the Energy Cycle, the Angelic Lotus Model©, the vitality field of the aura, meridians and the superior mental control mechanisms.

The Energy Cycle "controls" so to speak all the other systems of the body, similar to the autopilot in an aircraft. The energy flows within the physical body in specific pathways called meridians, and thus supplies the entire body. Within the vitality field of the aura the free flowing meridians are in the best case provided with all necessary light information. This must be thought of as a sort of serving road system in which trucks and cars transport all the necessities of life on light streets back and forth to all cell organelles at the atomic level.

Light is used as an important carrier for all vital processes in our cell and organelle system. Meridians are empirically detected reaction points in the material skin and the underlying tissue.

Meridian detection

The meridians were empirically proven about 20 years ago by Dr. Jean-Claude Darras by using radio nuclides (Te 99, Th 201, Xe 133, HG 2C 1197) injected into acupuncture points. The radio nuclides’ traces could then be visualized by measuring devices thus presenting the meridians.Read about it in: "Die Neue Ärztliche" No. 39, 7-11-1985, "Bioenergetik" No. 6, June / July 1988, "Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur" No. 35, 1-1992.

The meridians are the site where energetic physical stimuli are transferred to local, segmental-reflexive, autonomic reflexive and neuroendocrinreflectoric areas of the material body. Ideally the energetic impulse transmission is unhindered and unabated within the linear conductors (meridians). According to their order they permeate the entire Soma (the material body). The "nodes” or “control points", the so-called acupuncture points, can be stimulated by hand pressure (acupressure), needles (acupuncture) or heat (moxibustion). Thus the vitality can be optimally controlled, increased, reduced or redirected (in case of an overabundant meridian). The acupuncture points’ position can be accurately localized by using skin resistance measuring instruments on points where the resistance is reduced or thermal and stress-like differences to the remaining skin can be found.

Thousands of years ago the Chinese allocated the vitality system to two main components, Yin and Yang, and to the serving principle of divine vigour (Qi)

YIN is the feminine earthly, the receiving formative principle, the negative (but not in terms of scoring, but only polarizing) and the dark. There is also a share of Yin within the food. Yin materialized significance from the inside to the outside. The Yin gives the Yang the right shape.

YANG is the meaning-giving, controlling male principle, the positive and the bright. It is the spiritual vector and the light principle that gives meaning to things coming from Logos (the heaven and all other creation events) which have to be realized and materialized. It is Yang that gives the Yin a meaningful shape. Both types of energy are light qualities and equally important. In a healthy person they flow in harmony!
As with Yin, there are Yang components in the food, too.
If in perfect flow, life can be materialized in joy and with a meaning. Creatures stay healthy and enjoy their lives, being welcome and appreciated everywhere as bearers of light.
I am firmly convinced that disturbances within the three primary principles cause all physical and mental illnesses. They are formed by a disharmony of Yin and Yang (lack or excess) or a deficiency of Qi and mostly are concurrently present.

There are 12 main meridians, a ruling, a conception and a belt vessel. The meridians are specifically assigned to the organs that provide them with vitality. The ruler is also known as governor vessel supplying the body’s centre with energy. The belt vessel has a connecting character.

Meridians are categorized into YIN and YANG meridians

The YIN - meridians start at the foot, pull on the inside of the leg to the chest, on the front of the shoulder, from the elbow to the palm. At the fingertips the YIN - meridians pass their energy to the YANG - meridians that draw from the fingertips to the elbow, the shoulder from behind to the head, to the back, to the legs from behind to the toes. Qi begins its cycle in the lung meridian (the vitality enters the body by breathing), passes successively all meridians and reaches the lung meridian after 24 hours. That is why it is called a vitality circle.
Since the switching from Yin to the Yang meridian takes place at the fingertips, I work successfully with a lot mudras (finger gestures) in my healing practice. These finger gestures were developed by Indian and Tibetan monks to use the energy for the purpose of keeping the body healthy and vital and to develop further spiritual consciousness. Meanwhile there are many instructional books on mudras on the market.
Within the meridians there are acupuncture points, the so-called agreement points. One speaks in humans of about 361 points, which can be heated or needled.

Each organism receives in the womb with the first cell division its individual basic life energy, the gift of life from his parents. Every unborn creature, be it human or animal, receives this gift. With every being something very special and personal comes to earth. The task is to live and use the own essential power and connection to the divine source. We receive the vitality through the breath, the daily intake of food and light, through joyful positive events and experiences and the ability to care for others and help them to grow. Everything else weakens and reduces the power of life.