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Feng Shui

The energetic Feng Shui consultation is extremely complex and the explanation of its handling is beyond the capabilities of a website. Here only the essentials are presented. I regularly offer trainings for Feng Shui consultants and seminars for the home use in my institute premises.

BlattFeng Shui uses the possibilities of holistic approaches that relate to the space and the place between man and animal. Ideally the surrounding natural energies are energetically directed into the house, the garden, the stable or the business to generate growth for all living creatures and the surrounding neighbours. Nowhere life energies are deducted and forced into another room. Existing life powers are optimally utilized to let all beings grow.

When dealing with energy healing work, the housing space should not be forgotten as we no longer live consistently in natural surroundings that feed us relatively trouble-free with energies.

Houses / rooms preempt to a certain extent the natural energies just by the very fact that they are not grown naturally and tend to have an extremely good insulation. As these ‘unnatural’ and ‘distorted’ houses are designed for a civilization, their existing forms can quite well be leveraged for an improved light control. As already mentioned in the passage "The Aura", the matter directs the light that flows around it, respectively the light flows into the material form in order to materialize the meaning contained therein.

In the viewing context of Feng Shui the meaning giving life energy flows into the animated living form, the place, the house, the garden, the farm or into the barn and feed the creatures with vigour. In a consultation the focus always lies on the bigger and on the 'subordinated' smaller form as both have to supplement according to the vitality flow of natural laws. Under no circumstances energies should be ‘torn away’ from somewhere else to ‘feed’ the own place, the housing space or the aura better. True to the motto "The main thing is I am fine, I do not care about my neighbour", the ancient Chinese Imperial Feng Shui used this method which is also called Bagua or Pagua system. Here by means of very clever methods the life force was directed away from one place to another to create abundance in one’s own house and lack in another place. By the resulting energy surplus to the emperor obtained more power. The Feng Shui consultant could expect the absolute best reputation, fame and glory in the old system if he satisfied the emperor in his power ambitions. Unfortunately the emperor as ruler about life and death could have the consultant killed if he not properly served his interests of possession accumulation and retention of power. Thus the counsellor effectively acted for his own interest if he wanted to stay alive. This implementation can not be the purpose of a holistic energy consultation where growth is expected to occur on all sides.

Working primarily as a healer using the method of mental communication, the aura vision, I look at the items to be improved = housing space, farms, gardens and stables in the context of the development that has already taken place in its people or animals. As the place where people and animals live is always a reflection of the development that has already taken place, it must be included in the mandatory counselling. With my Feng Shui method I free the blocked energy flow in the spaces and places by sensibly directing the light to let vitality flow freely again that people as well as animals can take in their energy systems to maintain their body healthy. They continue to grow in the context of their sense of life without taking their neighbours’ energy. Heaven and Earth provide their creatures with sufficient vigour. One must adopt them and rejoice, knowing how to direct them without creating shortages in others.

To consult a particular project I need

For existing objects

  1. A valid statement of the field map of the land registry.
  2. A city or village map to see where exactly the object is.
  3. A map (marked with an arrow pointing north) with all boundaries relating to the advisory object.
  4. The reason why the object should be advised at all.
  5. The heart's desire of the people living there.
  6. In animals: Should a telepathic conversation with the animal and an illustrative and explanatory interview take place with the owner?

In new buildings

For a consultation of a new building it is important to know the previous house and its blockages not to repeat the same mistakes.
The learning process actually starts in the old house or at the site you want to leave.

After this consultation and when the integrated growth process has taken place, a suitable building or site in the desired area has to be found to achieve the new project according to the heart's desire.

Costs for the client

For existing houses, gardens, stables etc. I ask 15, - €/ m2.

For new buildings, regardless of their date scheduler, I ask 1% of the total cost of the building object while interior and garden design is extra.