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Flower Therapy

The flower therapy brings mental processes to mind supporting the mental and physical healing.

This method of extracting plant ether was developed by Dr.Edward Bach in England. He first was a conventional physician, respected as a responsibly working graduated doctor. Nevertheless, Dr. Bach was dissatisfied with the results of the then available medicine. As he and his acquired knowledge could not cure the patients, he closed his private practice.
In the following years he studied medicinal plants and developed 38 different flower essences, named "Bach Flower Remedies". These essences were finally able to heal the preceding different states of the soul from which the patients’ later illnesses had descended. Dr. Bach recognized that subtle emotional disturbances had preceded the illness that needed to be recognized and healed to enable the material body and its organ activity to heal. Having realized these processes Dr. Bach opened his practice again which according to tradition became very successful.

In contrast to the material Phytotherapy, the spiritual consciousness of the plant is extracted and transferred onto a carrier medium such as water or alcohol. By re-harmonizing internal physical body processes these remedies can heal the soul of men and animals. A wonderful form of energy work using the consciousness of the plant and not its physical material as a remedy.

In my healing practices I apply English "Healing - Herbs", Californian healing essence, Dutch healing essence "Bloesem Remedies", "Living Essence" from Australia and my own homemade healing essences.
In contrary to the conventionally prepared flower essences, the "Living Essences" are not produced by picking the flowers but by immersing the flowers of the tree, bush or shrub in water to preserve the plant as a whole, extracting only its essence without hurting it.

Supported by the respective Plant-Devas, I developed a mental form of essence transfer for my own flower essences by directly transferring the plant’s consciousness onto the carrier. Due to my practical experience I can attest an extremely potent healing power to these flower essences. You can learn this method among others in the "Wild Herbs Seminar, Shopping at the Pharmacy of God", or in other flower essence or communication seminars, e.g. "Communication with all Living Things".