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Healing animals

In principle the work with animals is similar to my work with humans. Due to mental animal communication, an intimate conversation between the healer and the animal is possible.

I start working with animals by asking them if they want to work with me. If there is a positive response, I ask them what they know about their symptomatic suffering and its origin. Many animals are on familiar ground with themselves, their physical and mental body, their own life conditions, and their life together with other animals and their keepers.

When an animal’s response is negative, no cooperation will take place.

After the approval, there is a clarifying conversation between me and the pet owner. Mostly the mental perception of animals is finer than that of the holder and there are hardly any complications in the actual elaboration of symptomatic disease aetiologies. It is striking that the animals while communicating mentally always behave loyally towards their holders. I only pass on further information to the holders with the permission of the animal. Very often animals take over their owners’ disease processes and help to cure them energetically over their own body. These are often karmic partnerships or relationships between man and animal on the soul level, knowing each other from other timelines or lives.
If the animal thinks that there are learning tasks for its holder, we communicate openly but in secrecy about everything. Misunderstandings can be clarified and resolved only with the permission of the animal.

When everything is clarified between the partners, I start mentally screening the animal’s energy fields and the development of the Lotus model and the aura. After having mentally dissolved the blockages in the consciousness, the life force can flow optimally through the entire animal again. Additionally it might be necessary to use kinesiological methods to stabilize an energetic field, but mostly mental work does the complete job.

For animals I use homeopathic remedies, Schuessler salts, herbal medicine and nutritional regulations especially for the deacidification.

Since there are always individual processes causing symptoms that are linked to certain group processes, it is important that the holder comes to my practice with the animal concerns. Giving specific advice on a website would really be dishonest.

Generally I work with all animals, but I am primarily specialized in horses, dogs and cats, which are often chronically ill due to malnutrition.