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As unique as individual people are, so unique are the corresponding forms of therapy that I can offer as a human in my healing practice in Sonsbeck-Hamb.
Gain back your stable health through alternative medicine

Dear enthusiast who you are interested in biological medicine and its various medicinal healing approaches,

Again and again I am asked by people:
"There are so many medical practitioners. How do you work?"

Here is an insight into my understanding of biological medicine, its modes and my personal methods

From my point of view all people and animals are a living expression of God's creative power, equipped and supplied with a power that we generally refer to as life force. We all are individual beings with our own living personality form and especially our personal plan of life which includes a variety of tasks that need to be realized.

For these major challenges we need a healthy vitality.

In case of an illness a carefully chosen biological medical treatment can solve disorders in our energy system. An unblocked flow of life force can then take care that the vital force can flow again powerfully in our body.

Disease processes, whether in man or animal, are in my holistic point of view merely regulatory mechanisms and learning tasks that block our own vitality until the underlying causal sense is recognized, dissolved and integrated.

Suppressing by permanent doses of allopathic drugs (e.g. antibiotics or cortisone) the causes that led to a physical illness, the growth opportunities for the subtle physical control mechanism is blocked, a natural mechanism that is ultimately responsible for a healthy body. Allopathic medications treat the symptoms not involving the holistic aspect of pathogenesis. They often have severe side effects in producing additional diseases by weakening organs, while the intently used biological medicine cures the causes of the disease and has hardly any or no side effects at all.

I do not want to give the impression that as a healer for humans and animals I am against allopathic drugs and conventional medical achievements. In my opinion everything has its time. Biological medicine maintains preventively the physical, mental and emotional health. In case of an illness the life force is steered by biological medicine as long as possible in the right direction, enabling meaningful cognitive processes of growth with subsequent healing of body, mind and spirit.

As a medical practitioner and healer it is important to recognize the underlying meaning of the illness and to help the patient to develop and enforce his healing powers at all levels of his existence. By recognizing the cause of the “problem”, the actual learning task of the illness, the life force can flow freely again. Now that the blockades are gone, the healthy body can powerfully follow the free-flowing energy again.

This all has to do with the universal laws of nature that rule in humans and animals. Without being of any lower quality, matter is ancillary to the subtle control consciousness. It is just tighter and follows the subtle control that permeates all matter. The matter offers the divine Logos, the creative mind, the appropriate form that allow things to develop perfectly. Every being has the appropriate material body for this task.

Every medical practitioner chooses the best way to counter to the major challenge of the healing, working with a lot of heart, sensitivity and understanding. Taking my energetic work very seriously, I firmly believe that physical ailments are first blocked in the consciousness, the spirit, the soul or have even have their origins in higher levels before they start weakening our material body and make us ill.

Encouraged by the success of my human practice since 1995, I chose for animals the following methods to discover and dissolve blockades:

My holistic ways of working

My experience has shown that all of these methods of energetic work and biological treatment enable a meaningful whole that can tap the full potential of the growth possibilities of humans and animals. Both forms of being, humans and animals, can thus lead a healthy, joyful and more balanced life, being filled with heart power that makes them feel free.