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Developed by Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy regulates and heals with the principle of similarity, both acute and especially chronic, often seemingly "incurable" diseases.

In everyday life, I often meet people who apply homeopathy without actually knowing what they do. They feel competent by reading some guidebooks that they seemingly understood which mostly this is not the case. Without hesitation laymen often use the highest potencies of poorly chosen means which often do the patient more harm than good. It is not enough just to read a guidebook to know how the disease originated and evolved to find the appropriate homeopathic remedy in the optimum potency to cure man or animal as a whole. As homeopathy is a regulatory, highly effective remedy it needs experienced and skilled therapists.

I use homeopathy in my two healing practices for humans and animals because I am fully convinced of its healing power capacities. Additionally to my aura work many patients need some mental support. Gradually they realize that it does not matter what actually triggers our consciousness to change and finally heal the body, be it its pure energy or the energetic healing power of homeopathic remedies. The main point is that it moves towards wholeness, spiritual development and health. It has shown that later on most of my patients could entirely be cured by means of an aura screening only. Until that is accomplished, I like to use the boon homeopathic remedies. A healer knows that the healing powers of homeopathy intervene in the energetic system of men or animals and that even minimal quantities can cause big effects, the higher the potency is, the profounder the effect can be. Therefore the damage is so big when the wrong agent in the wrong potency is used.