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Clairvoyanting – the human aura

Due to the complex topic, I mention here only the essentials. More detailed information is taught in my healer and life coach training courses, e.g. “The Angelic Lotus Model ©”.

The aura of the people is based on a kind of "onion skin principle", consisting of two basic light flowing directions plus spatial and temporal effects that arise from the way how Yin and Yang flow, the so-called "electromagnetic field".

By meeting during the conception, these two polar vibration forces create a force field, the heart chakra. The fusion of egg and sperm cells materialize a field structure that can be gathered and proven empirically with technical instruments.

In an ideal case, endless light strands of orderly flowing directions of both life forces are arranged coil-like, containing time and space flows that will shape the new life. The aura of very many children, especially babies, is still rotund and very powerful. Later, in adolescence, it often becomes more and more ovoid and feeble. Later many people lose their lives due to energy processes to which I will return shortly. Most adults that I treat energetically by visualizing their aura field do not even have an egg-shaped aura, but weak, spaghetti-like shapes that have to be reshaped to a rotund form to enable a perfectly supplied connection to the universal divine vitality field. Remember, the healthy energy vitality field retains the material body while a small, energy-reduced field is too weak to materialize the true destiny of the person concerned. Health in body, mind and soul is always accompanied by a strong, vital and free flowing aura. The vitality must flow freely into the meridians to preserve the health of the physical body.

In the all-pervading light field of the vitality lies the soma, the material body which is also fed by the central creational heart’s light of heaven and earth, supplied with individual, universal growth information.

The colour coding blue - red corresponds to the "world order" in the representation of electromagnetic fields.

Blue: Indicates the sense, the Yang, the spiritual vector, the influence that puts in sense, the sky, and the hard, masculine, giving and penetrating element. Sense is the principle of light coming from heaven that through the lotus Kundalini hits all other events of creation, our heart chakra and the lotus. It is important to materialize and implement it in life.

Red: Represents the formative principle, the material vector, the soft, receptive, the feminine or the earth force. From inside to the outside it materializes the incoming sense. The shape, Yin gives Yang, the sense, its appropriate form. The woman materializes what the man embeds in her: the child.

The material body meets or shapes itself according to the specification of the energetically developed sense axis. You could say: "The personal nature lives in the custom body."

Aura Colours

Through the proportional interpenetration of both life forces, in relation to the wavelengths of the incoming light, the colours within the aura and the chakras emerge.

The sense/Yang and the shape/Yin exist as well up as below, at the rear as at the front, both inside and outside. These two vitality field portions stem from heaven, the central source, and flow as growth qualities in the proportional universe (while I prefer the multiverse theory).

As already mentioned, in the Lotus Heart Chakra the life forces are distributed to the life forces within the aura. When these two life forces meet and mingle in the Lotus Heart Chakra, the first polar growth occurs, indicated by the colours green or pink. Green stands for the blending of sense/Yang and shape/Yin, pink for an affectionate developed character. Depending in which culture you were raised, it is also called "Christ Energy" or "Bodhisattva". If you overcome this separating polarity, our consciousness becomes a single true entity, connected inseparably to the central heart and all creatures. The aura then radiates in pure white light.

The heart development and its display of colours can not be hindered by borders, religions or cultures. It develops conform to the person, the whole mankind and the laws of creation the matching colours. An affectionate developed character has a different mental and energetic expression than a person still living in a separating polarity. As always love makes the difference!

Speaking of the sense/Yang, first of all our sun’s light in the home galaxy is a medium of divine information. When the energy potential of our sun will be used up in a few billion years, life on Earth is no longer possible. The overall sense/Yang of the whole universe also includes all other sense-giving influences, such as the remaining suns of our home galaxy, about 200 - 300 billion stars, all other solar systems in the remaining galaxies, the cosmic background radiation and all other spiritual beings. The light of our sun is but the first major carrier medium for all vital information that we integrate over our energy system lotus model and the aura in the heart.

The light components of sense/Yang and shape/Yin have to enter the cell in the correct direction to develop the cells of each species optimally. We humans correspond to the dominant right turn, because we need a little more sense consciousness than shape. We stand with both feet on the ground, can stretch the arms to the sky and are controlled by the divine central heart. As humans we are equipped with a bit more Yang, i.e. meaningful control consciousness. This difference in the distribution of life forces is energetically difficult to measure. It can be perceived almost exclusively on the basis of rotation and filling qualities within the individual light strands of the aura. Nevertheless, they say that a relation of 50% sense/Yang and 50% shape/Yin at the lotus heart chakra is perfect. With its factor 165 = 1.65, it corresponds to the so-called "Divine Golden Ratio" of all biological growth aka Fibonacci number. Most people are not in a natural balance. The organic growth factor is no longer correct and diseases arise. People have either too little, a lack, or too much energy, an abundance which is not healthy, too, resulting in "fidget children" ADS = Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD = attention deficit disorder - hyperactive children. Other diseases such as cancer also have to do with the disturbance of the natural cell division mechanism by acid and slag accumulations.

The natural rotation of the life forces can also be found in the material "double helix" of the DNA-cord of each nucleus. Here the helix content turns right downwards while the other share turns clockwise up, being connected by "proteoglycans". Again, it turns out that all material has to align to the overall energetic sense.

The Kundalini = a connection or channel from the personal aura’s lotus heart chakra to all parent life events of the individual, connecting it to the central heart of creation. I also call it a channel for the divine life and creative powers. Through the ever- flowing life force pulses, the Kundalini communicates, ideally deadlock-free without any obstacles, with the remaining shares of its own form of existence and the divine principle of creation Every conscious breath, every heartbeat supplies us with this energy while the enteric peristalsis works this information into the material body. The personal clock pulse or tone of the individual results from the single stroke blended of breathing, heartbeat and the enteric peristalsis. This measure, however, is mutable, because the individual is constantly evolving. Only the true divine sound of the being is constant.

On the incoming light, all information is stored that is necessary for the growth of the single cell of the respective species. It's up to us to experience them as such.

The chakras and the pervasion layers / frequencies

In the further growing up of an individual, be it human or animal, additional communication relays and development modules develop within these flow directions. They are called chakras and pervasion layers or frequencies. The amount of frequencies and chakras of the individual is related to its readiness to learn and develop and to the permeability for information about love and light, and significantly with the previously ensued development of the parent group soul of humans and animals. One can personally always develop only so far as it is already structured by the Creator in the parent group soul. In my view the energetic group soul of humans is much more developed than it expresses itself in the material worlds of most incarnated people. Unfortunately we humans, especially the adults, cling energetically often to old convictions and long-outdated beliefs. The fear of further development is very large in many people and slows down massively the human collective.

In the animals I perceive a completely different trend. Because they are structured differently, they transform overall development steps as quickly as possible into their own material. Many of them are so sacred that they share the pain and suffering of their holders. Due to the communication blockages, the holders are not aware who they walk on a leash or lunge or keep in the living room, trapped in a cage.
The aura and communication work is the main component of my healing activity, because I believe that illness and healing occur in our own blocked consciousness. The light must be able to flow freely, so that the underlying matter can organize and develop optimally.

To pervade and integrate this "subject matter", I offer annual seminars to develop the subtle organs of perception.

The perception of the aura and the training of the subtle senses via considerations

Every newborn human or animal being can perceive the aura. The brain is synaptically so interconnected that it can detect the outgoing light pulses of other people and creatures and transform them into images and feelings. So the babies are still able to perceive the "essential truth". They laugh, look very serious or cry when they see people because they still perceive their "light emission", their auras. On the other hand they often react very pleased to "foreign" animals and plants, perceiving things the ‘heart way’. The brain must obtain a certain age to recognize and abstract causal relationships of the perceived reality. In the course of education and of growing up, unfortunately most of us lose the natural perception of life in favour of civilizing processes. To fit into his environment, the human being is reduced in his life force, losing his natural powerless and energy.

One can retrieve this loss and increase the vitality by training and consideration. We find an infinite number of approaches in different cultures to retrieve the lost aura vision. It is striking that all the training systems begin with breathing exercises to increase the vitality. Added steering and focusing exercises then prepare the brain for the subtle perception. Thus, the perception of the aura field is individual, depending on what the teachers put emphasis in the training on. Some perceive colours, images, turbulence and image impressions, other structures or entire event stories.

From my point of view the colour perceptions are variable and less optimal for a diagnosis. They fluctuate greatly because they are linked with the respective thoughts, emotions and hormones of the seer. As the aura field changes too much, no reliable correlations for a cause of any disease can be obtained. Whereas structures, such as distortions, cracks, holes, capsules, blockades, event stories and correlations still persist in emotional and thought processes (they even are inheritable) and can perfectly be used diagnostically.

Accordingly to the development of my own consciousness, I know what has to be done to ensure that the threads of light can transport light information again into the aura and into the meridian system of the patient (human or animal) to ensure a holistic health process.