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Infinity Love, mental grief- trauma - and stress releasing therapy method ©

With this self-developed therapy method, the griefing human holds the possibility in a very sensitive way to get in mental contact to their passed away relatives, friends and/or pet friends to the other side of existense in the spiritual world, to the afterlife, whenever wanted.

As I lost two children myself, I am able to feel and understand how deeply grief can go and how much the beloved ones where being missed, I was so strongly connected with. The desire to be in contact with our passed away beloved ones is not unfamiliar for me. I myself always wanted to talk to my children to understand why they decided not to live or wanted to be with me physically. At that time, I did not know how to get in touch with them or to heal myself within my deep grief. I had to suffer it out, without this wonderfull possibility the `Infinity Love Method ©` is offering. This occurrence is now over 30 years ago, and as time passes by, they are never forgotten, they are both still a hearty part of my life.

Through a bereavement within the family of my partner in life, I was able to evolve the healing method ‘Infinity Love ©’. The grief to the bereaved person was endless within my partners family, therefore ordinary therapy methods failed entirely to help them. They stuck too deep within their own sorrow. Their own purpose to continue their own life almost disappeared completely. For them a structured life form was after that happens hardly, until entirely impossible. The minor and major family circle and even friends had been dragged into this grief suction and were more or less helpless and baffled. A deep suffering person has the ability to drain the surrounding family and the friends with them into their depressive dark hole. Because the people love them and feel so helpless. Live Joy for them either is impossible. Life is turning out more and more dark for everybody, the affected, and the co affected people.

As everybody is close to my heart and because of the love to my partner in life, I started to support his family with all my available capabilities, like watching Aura (clair voyanting) and mental communications, helping them to overcome their deep sorrow. To come deeper into the process, I also evolved the healing method ‘Infinity Love ©’.

In detail, M. was my first mourning client where I was able to apply ‘Infinity Love ©’ successfully. The result was ineffable. During the first session M. was able to contact S. her deceased husband. S. told M. why he had left this mortal world and what the purpose of his life and his death was. S. bequeathed M. her own possibility contacting him without me as a mental helper. M. happily applies the newly learned method instantly.

My partner and I were able to find a great mental and physical change in M. in a very short distance of time. M. started participating in her own life again. She could process her guilt for not doing enough for him. In fact, she was involved day and night to make his last months, before his death, as nice and good for him as possible. She hoped until his last breath, that he could overcome his illness and stay alive to stay with her. She fell into a deep hole when he died.

I hear from many affected people in my institute that they feel guilty for not doing enough for their deceased. It is incredibly difficult for them to accept the inevitable. They keep asking WHY. Why did he / she leave me? Why did he / she had to die? Over time, this question wears down the people completly and does not allow them to participate in their own life in a way, which allows them to live a joyfull life. Those affected sink deeper and deeper into this emotional low, from which they can no longer get out themselves without help. It is a vicious circle. They really need help.

Since I have the opportunity to look behind the scenes, through my familiar method of mental communication - clair voyanting, seeing, with my mental forces the human life light field, the Aura, I can help people better to understand and process deeper into this special event - loosing a beloved person or a beloved pet. In the final event of the death of a beloved one or an beloved animal, I go even deeper beyond this materialised life with the patient / client if they want this to cope the death situation better. I lead them mentally to the otherside of our matter lifes, into the afterlife level to connect them with the spirits of their beloved passed aways.

The method, developed by me, opens the way for people to take independent communication with their deceased loved ones.

But since I am also a veterinary practitioner, I also offer this communication method to people who have lost a beloved pet. In my experience it is irrelevant whether you make mental contact with a human soul or an animal soul. You just have to trust the ‘Infinity Love ©’ method and let me guide you empathetically. So far, I have been able to demonstrate a success rate of at least 98%. This means that 98% of the patients and clients were able to establish contact with the otherside in the first session and to contact and speak with the soul parts of their beloved deceased. My job was to prepare the patient or client using the ‘Infinity Love Method ©’ and mentally accompany the process. When the contact is being made it is a very intimate moment and extremely moving!

In my experience, the relatives inner stress is completely released, usually after just one session. Depending on how difficult it was to process the loss for the individual.

For me, as a therapist, it is wonderful to experience that ‘Infinity Love ©’ is not only helping mourners wonderfully and has a healing effect for them, but also for people who are deeply traumatized. Long termed therapy sessions, in which the injuries are discussed again and again, are eliminated. With ‘Infinity Love ©’, even deep trauma can be successfully and sustainably resolved in a short distance of time.

Sometimes you only need one session or two to resolve the trauma. The deep-seated emotional or physical stress within the human brain is released via the `Infinity Love method ©` as quickly as possible. The former affected person can start to live a blissfully life, full of joy and personal responsibility to its own good, because the person starts to understand the connections of the event which was traumatizing before.

The grief or therapy sessions take place in my institute or via Zoom conferences in these days of Corona. The sessions last between 3.5 - 8 hours, depending on the process and are billed privately. Please contact me by email or by phone. The number you will find on my homepage under ´contact`.

On YouTube you can hear an interview about the ‘Infinity Love Model ©’ at the following link.
As I am German it is spoken in german language.

While dealing with stress releasings, using my ‘Infinity Love Method ©’, some patients or clients were able, under my personal guidance, to perceive personal past lifes. They where able to redeem deep-seated trauma or personal karma regarding to those upcoming timelines. We were able to ascertain the result of the patients/ clients in a very short time, which was a very great relief from stress with subsequent physical improvement of the symptoms or even a complete healing.

If you feel touched by reading these words, feel free to contact me for your own trauma- grief- or stress relief with my wonderfull `method Infinity Love ©` under and request your healing - therapie date