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Kinesiology, a special muscle test, was developed by North American Indians. Using this very effective test method for evaluating food and water supplies, the natives were aware of the law of "indivisibility" thus enabling them to examine the food or water quality by means of a survey test on the muscle itself or with the help of another person.

By means of an arm or leg muscle pressure test, the therapist formulates his question to the subconscious mind of the patient in a way that only a clear YES or NO permits a measurable response on the arm or leg joint. The joint muscles respond to this question either in a strong or a weak way. Answering with a positive YES, the shoulder joint or knee joint locks. The limb is hardly to push down as the body reacts strongly on the positive result.

A negative NO response to the question lets the arm or leg sink down easily from the applied pressure, the body reacts with a weak muscle opening the joint.

Since this method has always been highly successful, many therapists added it to their healing repertoire.

Working with the Delta-arm muscle, I created a special questionnaire scheme that perfectly fits my mental way of healing. I use this scheme on each patient with whom I work kinesiologically to receive therapeutically relevant answers.

I check with this method not only causes for diseases in relation to underlying learning tasks but also pollutants, bacteria, immunization etc. It is also possible to find the right medication and the potency of homeopathic remedies, their dose and the duration of use.

Applying the so-called "psychological applied kinesiology", I can help the patient with the "Stress Releasing Method" to discharge the unredeemed internal stress into the earth. Furthermore, as a therapist I am able to establish interpersonal relations to the development of a disease and its progression.

In a patient the awareness related to personal events grows that caused the disease. Blocked energies will be derived enabling a new vital energy to flow into the energetic Angelic Lotus model ©, the aura, and into the biological body, healing the patient holistically by creating a new consciousness in his Inner Self and his surroundings.

It is a great way to gain a healing access to the patient’s consciousness and to accompany him gently but effectively on his healing way.

Thank you at this point to capable friends, the North American Indians.