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Angelic Lotus Model 3

The purpose is to find out what you can change in yourself as an individual to reshape man’s contact with the creation more respectfully. My concern is to establish a cordial relation to new values and new ethics to reinforce love and respect for the gift of life.

The training includes the following topics for theory and practice:
  1. Energy-mental outlook of the previous development of humanity, flow diagrams.

  2. Notice of the present structures of human values and ethics to the overall creation.

  3. Opening of the hidden potential of mental considerations that I will present in this training.

  4. Energetic-mental outlook of the existing social and religious expression.

  5. Liberation and salvation of obsolete dogmas and fixations about mental considerations.

  6. Redemption at the appropriate level of man’s belief that the Earth, the plants and the animals are his "servants".

  7. Building new holistic values and a new ethics in dealing with each other.

  8. Enforcement of mental-energy insights on the corresponding quantum level.

The course duration affects 12 intensive training days within 12 month

Date and fee on request