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The ONE Path of the Heart © (Prognosis)

Angelic Lotus Model 4

The purpose of this training is to deal more intensively than in the past with the topic TIME. It is to find out the optimal time line and its potential power within the diverse currents to allow the ONE true Path of the Heart to fit your own personal development best.

The training includes the following topics for theory and practice:
  1. The academic setting apart of the topic ‘time’. What is ‘time’ in relation to the energetic analysis and how does it develop?

  2. The mental perception of the variable time currents with respect to the past, the present and the future

  3. Release of old injury structures that bind vitality in "discontinued" timelines

  4. Finding the best time flow for oneself or for others by means of energetic-mental considerations

  5. The context to the superordinated levels of existence with respect to the dimensional existing time currents

  6. The transfer of the appropriate time flow to the Angelic Lotus Model

  7. Enforcement of mental-energetic insights on the corresponding quantum level

The course duration affects 9 intensive training days within 9 month

Date and fee on request