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Addiction, the unfulfilled search for inner safety and security ©

There have always been people arround, who used narcotics for further development or for spiritual searchings, e.g. the shamans of different cultures. However, they only used the `expanding awareness potential` of these substances, that promotes a very special support, for a short time, in order, to fulfill a healing or spiritual meaning for themselves or others. A addictional case never was considdered.

Since the times, when `ordenary` people increasingly wanted to escape the `harsh reality` of theire lifes, because of civilizing interventions, they were using all sorts of substitutes to make theire life `feeling` somehow better. But also physical, social and spiritual forms of expressions, for well-being purposes, were found and tried out for better results in life, and later, because it worked out, unfortuanatly, misused, as addictive substances, in order to fill the yawning emptiness and the lack of inner safety and security within ones own heart.

To name just a few, even legal addictional substitutes:
Illegal substances:
In the workshop `Addiction, the unfulfilled search for inner safety and security ©`, we first examine the development mechanisms of the later addictive behavior and then turn out to clarify the energetic form of addiction in order to find a clearer path or trace, of what is real. The reimplementation of ones true self - love and joy enforcements, through the replacement of those real energies within ones heart, can help the client to better recognize his life patterns, which have to be redeemed, within his own lifeframe. Once this has been done, the addictive behaviour can be settled and be resolved, because the true substance, the real self - love, is replaced in ones heart.

The seminar lectures teaches the theoretical contents of the seminar, while the workshop teaches the practical application exercises to fulfill the heart with ones own true vital lifeforces.

Feel free to sign into this special 2 days seminar and request the seminardate and the costs under and the name: Addiction, the unfulfilled search for inner safety and security ©

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