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Don’t take challenges personally – solve the problem ©

An awakened consciousness is important for all areas within ones life, not only for the personal wish to achieve enlightenment.

It feels like we're already in the middle of the year 2021, and it looks like, that the Saturn aspect challenges many peoples lifes right now. Additionally, we currently have Mercury retrograde, which can lead to communicative misunderstandings. Well, it is an exciting start into a year with a lot of potential within.

In the past meetings, we have spoken intensively about the aspects - Saturn - Jupiter - Aquarius - Pisces. I would now like to illuminate this topic more deeply, out of the mental - energetic point of view.

These mentioned aspects only cause us problems, especially the Saturn aspect, when our consciousness is covered in a kind of mental fog. The pervasive clarity of reaching causual knowledge, regarding life difficulties, is not yet there. It is literally wraped under the mental fog.

This mental fog, let people walk in a kind of unconscious mind setup, like in old behaviour patterns or belief system, which let them struggle in a deep unclairity and uncertainty. That state of mind let them do things, which rarely lead them to pure clarity within their life decissions, rather to a later regret.

This cloudy or foggy consciousness within the personal and transpersonal state of each individual is there, as long, as it is not redeemed. Since we have the opportunity and the support under the aspects of Saturn - Jupiter - Aquarius - Pisces now, to recognize this mental fog, because the obstacles in life are now more visible, it is only logical to identify the cause of the mental fog and redeem him. The goal is, to gain inner clarity, silence and freedom again.

The gift out of this redeeming process is obvious. With a regained clear awareness, heart and mind, one can live ones life stressfree, successfully, healthy and happy.

This year, I will devote myself exclusively to the redemption of this consciousness mental fog, so that clarity can be achieved, first in the individual and then within the group of menkind.

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