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Cloud reading ©

An ‘easy seminar with depth’

This seminar is about recognizing the connections between your own and the collective thoughts, feelings and emotions to mental and physical health, but also to our planetarial weather phenomena, such as cloud formations, and thus to the world climate.

This includes various questions about the causal connections between processes afflicted with suffering in ones own life, within humanity and the planet Earth itself.

We use the cloud shapes as a visual aid to get answers to the questions we asked before. We also use the Feng-Shui-methodology to obtain refined information about the causative symptoms or problems in our own life. For that we need a compass.

I show healing methods that create an astonishing recovery connection to ones own state of mind, but also to the weather and the planet its self.

This seminar also promotes mental, visual perception abilities by recognizing and naming cloud shapes in theire different appearance. The human brain is prepared for larger tasks, like training the clair voyanting abilities, by using the right and left hemisphere equally, through imaging the different cloud forms.

Feel free to sign into this special `easy` 2 days seminar and request the seminardate and costs under and the name: cloud reading ©

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