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Communication with all living beings © – (basic module)

The shamanic path to inner healing

Shamanic healing work is a communication method of a deep inner healing, which involves all levels of the entire consciousness of all living beings. In order to communicate with these levels, it is necessary to open once heart to the different facets of existence. This work is not a path of hard effort or rational understanding, but a process of self-opening to the divine.

Shamanic healing work encompasses a very large area of ​​knowledge, which was used by all peoples of the world and not just from the indigene Indians, in order to be able to help themselves in a case of illness or during their life journey in general, long before the conventional medical achievements of modern times accured. But even today, this type of communication offers people an opportunity to find out where they are within the process of life and how they can help and heal themselves.

In this seminar, the participant gets to know mental methods of communication which gives him the ability to communicate after with all living beings. He is able to apply the mental forces of all helper beings which want to work with him within himself, into his own life force, his mental bodies, the Aura. Those helper beings coming out of the `so called` lower and upper world`, but also from the current life level, called `middle world`. The relevant considerations are conveyed in the context of a `shamanic journey`.

The aim of the seminar is, to recognize, that not only people have a language as a communication possibility, but all living beings have a ability to communicate with each other. Humans know this ability under `telepathie` - Communication via thoughts. The shamanic communication ability is slightly different, but compareable.We humans can learn to understand and correctly interpret these languages, which opens up a completely new perspective for creation its self.

In particular, I would like to give the participants the opportunity to communicate with animals, as I often experience in my veterinary praxis, how important an explanatory conversation between animal and animalholder is, in order to make processes transparent for both sides. For this purpose, I would like to encourage you to bring new photos of your animals with you to the seminar, so that you can learn how to mentally contact your own pet or animal. This is especially needed, when the animal is ill and a good solution has to be found quickly.

Since all living beings include a possibility, not only animals and human beings, what can be considdered as a soulform, also plants and minerals have something, which can be seen as a energy collector over all distances of their time. The participant will also integrate this opportunity, how he can access to these levels of existence through the shamanic methods. In this way the participant can communicate with them interactively and learn from them.As a result, these experiences are a great enrichment for the own personality. The heart consciousness will be opening for all creation existences and also for the healing through this wonderful possibility of communicating with it. Without initiations or similar experiences, this creates a comprehensive growth that permanently opens up spiritual contacts with all living beings.

Since Mother Earth is currently in a great change, I offer communication channels to her in the basic course. You learn, as a human being, to communicate with her from heart to heart and to observe her in future different as a living organism, as a living beings her self.

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