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Constellating the Soul ©

Base module

In this seminar series you will learn methods that allow you to get a deep insight into the growth processes of your own soul.

This will make you aware where it is reasonable to expedite your development processes and to continue advancing in the divine growth context. Sometimes taking a step less is advisable to grant the soul a rest and to evaluate ​​development processes better. Your soul will then be more rested and prepared to take further steps.
In the context of ‘joy and sorrow’ emotional processes of interaction with other people will then become more transparent. Recognizing and evaluating patterns will show you why like some people and dislike others. Blockade structures will be released permanently to enable deep healing ways that then can be more easily accepted and implemented.

With this practical approach you can make deep-seated traumas visible and heal them. It is also perfectly suited for your own spiritual development and to cope better with everyday life.

Feel free to sign into this special 2 days seminar and request the seminardate and the costs under and the name: Constellating the Soul ©

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