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Instructions for the correct desire materialization ©

How and where one does implant his wishes correctly for a perfect match

First of all, a whish is always a sign of an inner lack of unconditional love and bliss, deep within that personality. But anyway, within that seminar the participant will learn, how to whish correctly, so his wish fulfillment is not creating any harm to himself or others! This is very important to know, otherwise one is creating new karma for himself or others, and not always in the best form.

On the first day of the seminar we deal with the potential of the current year from an energetic, shamanic and astrological point of view to increase the life energy flow within the participant. With the new knowledge, the participant detects his own blockages in relation to the annual context. After the blockage resolution, the new, bright information is integrated into the participants energy system. This promotes the optimal `passing through` to the year and generates mental growth in general.

On the second day of the seminar, the participant gets to know the method of the right desire materialization ©`, where the optimal wish level is, where and how the wish has to be implanted, and what the actual meaning of ones wish is. This enercetic method is used, tried out and tested, with a very good result. But the purpose of this seminar is still, that the real heart's desire of the participant can be materialized and not daily whishes to be a big shot within polarity. If the real heart wish is materialized, then bliss can flow easily and no further wishes are needed to be materialized. One is fullfilled! That’s the best - polar spoken.

Feel free to sign into this special 2 days seminar and request the seminardate and costs under and the name: Instructions for the correct desire materialization © (how do I wish me something correctly)

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