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Overview of all seminars

"Don’t take challenges personally – solve the problem ©"

"Taste of Silence ©"

"The 15 Gates of Consciousness ©"

"Fulfilled Harmonie – Enlightenment ©"

"The liberated inner child ©"

"Cloud reading ©"

"Your horse - your coach ©"

"Karma and beliefs ©"

"Communication with all living beings ©" (basic module)

"Communication with all Living Creatures ©" (advanced Module I)

"Ones Dreams, ones internal advisers and designers of ones own life ©"

"Constellating our Dreams ©"

"Constellating the Soul ©"

"Lead yourself to happiness program ©"

"Culinary specialties from the wayside ©"

"I ©" seminar triple part I

"YOU ©" seminar triple part II

"WE ©" seminar triple part III

"Addiction, the unfulfilled search for inner safety and security ©"

"Flower seminar: ‘The healing forces of plants – flowers ©’

Angel seminar series `The power of the spoken word ©`

Angel seminars: Angel whisper and Angel flight ©

"Instructions for the correct desire materialization ©"

"Development and formation of your own personality ©" (part I)

"Development and formation of your own personality ©" (part II)

"Healing the planet earth ©"

"The power of the mind, ones own inner thoughts ©"

"Religions and human systems in general and their effects on our human existence ©"