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A brief overview of the miracle of life

In the beginning there was absolutely NOTHING - ABSOLUTE SILENCE, then self awakening appeared within that nothingness - enlightenment, pure consciousness arises out of that state, with the blessed joy as a gift for all beings. The act of creation, the birth moment of our pure, value-free consciousness. This process of self awareness creates eternal bliss inside silence.

When the absolute silence awoke and thereby enlightened herself inside her being, silence began to move within. Two states in one, still and moving.

This original state of value-free emptyness, stillness and moving in one state, is the origin and true home of all existing creatures.

In this original state of emptyness is no expression or growth possible or needed. This state is perfect in itself, but the stillness and the blissfull joy cannot be shared or expressed either. There is only Source within herself, there are no further creatures created yet. This possibility has yet to be come.

One possibility, known to us, is duality, the electromagnetic field. Spiritually - energetically it is more familiar as the Yang- or Yin field - minus and plus, light and dark, hard and soft, man and woman, day and night etc. Within this polar field all created beings of duality exist.

This field is charged, ie polarized. As a result, it is no longer value-free and glues through these evaluations on judged topics. As a secondary result, new processes arise within space and time, again and again, which have to be redeemed within the course of time and even upcoming lifes. But it includes the possibility of expanding growth through self awakening. One can express his joy about this inner awakening and share this with others.

The electromagnetic field, like everything else existing in it, is nothing else but a creation of silence. It is her playground and has necessarily a different state. It is no longer empty and value-free, but polarized and has the possibility of a field expression through references to space and time.

So that the original state of silence remains pure and value-free, the two states, moving silence and duality, are separated from each other by a gap. The value - free, pure blessing can circulate lemniscate wise in both parts. Bliss overcomes the gap without any problems because for him the gap does not exist at all. Bliss never attaches and always remains pure and empty, value - free. It connects the two parts, invisible to the physical eyes, with one another. Silence thus never loses herself. Everything that exists is made of blissfull silence. God, value - free silence, is contained in everything, because everything is created out of silence. Therefore God can be everywhere at the same time.

However, the sticky field structures of polarity cannot simply return to the pure silence state. They must first become pure and value - free again. This has to be the like this, so that the purity of silence is not obscured, overlayed by charged polar processes. The loaded polarity circulates within herself until the processes are completely redeemed.

Through self - awareness and inner awakening, through enlightenment, one is able to overcome the gap of separation. I call this *MINDFUL RECONNECTION TO SOURCE, SILENCE, GOD WITHIN ONESELF*.

In my Institute one has the opportunity to learn and experience this Re - connection. Previous separation becomes ONENESS - FULFILLED SILENCE again.