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Solar Matrix Level ©

Angelic Lotus Model 2

The meaning of this training is to learn and understand the more in-depth and super ordinate relationships for us humans on the subjects ‘event creation’ and ‘healing’.

The training includes the following topics for theory and practice:
  1. General dimension theory. How many dimensions do exist and how do they shape the aura and the physical body?

  2. Deep introspection, healing of the soul's essence

  3. The doctrine on the energetic relationships of secondary, super ordinate levels of existence for humans, e.g. the Sun Matrix Level©, the native galaxy level and its structure of remuneration for the physical, subatomic quantum level in the physical body of man. I point to my energy-mental access to these compounds of creation and explain its modes of transmission and function to explain the human brain

  4. The mental examination of the context, what event types, and what real material events are

  5. Dealing with the issues which events for the personal life and the human collective actually lead to overall growth? What would be for me/us the best way?

  6. What is meant by solar consciousness? What does it cause in people and what do they do with it?

  7. Which organs in the human body correlate to these items? How does this affect the Lotus Model, the aura and the physical body?

  8. Practical everyday applications of mental considerations (exercises) on the above matters

The course duration affects 14 intensive training days within 14 month

Date and fee on request